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14 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
Should there be fifty guests, the time allowed might be twenty minutes—marked by the touch of a bell.
Each one will be so eager to secure his neighbour's autograph, who in turn is seeking another's, that it will be difficult to obtain as many as one might suppose. The general hilarity occasioned will be gratifying to the hostess.
This is an old French game, called in the land of its birth, ''Bouts-rimes"—(Rhyme-ends), and said to be the invention of a poor poet whose talent was employed by other poets to find rhymes for them.
Each player is provided with three bits of paper—one larger than the other two. On the larger piece he writes a question and upon each of the small bits a word.
These are folded so as to conceal the writing and dropped into a basket. After a vigorous shaking, the basket is presented to the players in turn, who draw at random a large paper and two small ones. It facili­tates the choice if the large pieces are in one receptacle and the smaller ones in another.
The questions must be answered in rhyme, introducing the two words that have been drawn.
Great dismay is usually expressed on all sides when the difficulty first presents itself of bringing utterly incongruous subjects into harmonious relations, but people do not know how clever they are until they are put to the test—and Crambo has revealed many a poet to himself. The game best fulfils its mission if the rhymes are but doggerel that will amuse, and the effort
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