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With Pen and Pencil                        15
to make them tax the wits is pleasant. For example, the question may be, "What pleasure lasts the long­est?" The words drawn, "self" and "apple-pie." The following nonsense incorporates them: Some persons get their chief pleasure from books, Others appear to care most for their looks. Pleasure at best seems a kind of a dream; But the gratification of self-esteem Has a lasting charm until we die. A tramps ideal might be apple-pie !
This game has the advantage that no preparation is required, except the distribution of pads and pencils among the players. Each person is requested to draw three pictures illustrating as many familiar songs, old or new. The worse the drawing, the better the fun. Twenty minutes is the prescribed limit of time, at the expiration of which the productions are signed by their authors and numbered. The papers are then collected and ranged about the room, pinned to curtains, tucked into photograph frames, etc. The players go about the room examining this art collection, and noting on their pads what song they think each drawing is intended to illustrate.
For example: Two modest houses in duplicate, drawn in the style of architecture popular in children's first attemps, and between them a large pot marked "sugar," stands for "Home, Sweet Home."
An attempt at the representation of lilacs, daffodils and pansies (each may be labelled if the artist is dis­satisfied with his work) may suggest '' The Flowers that Bloom in the Spring."
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