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18 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
Vargrave and the mother of ''the darling of young soldier-comrades" whom it will be remembered that she nursed as a Sister of Charity after the field of Inkerman. Younger players might like to try what they can do with "Jo" as the wife of "Laurie" in Miss Alcott's matchless "Little Women."
A game somewhat on the order of the last is called "Sequels."
To the company it may be explained that, as the average novel-writer conducts the hero and heroine to the altar and there rings down the curtain, trusting to the optimism of human nature to accept the pleasant conclusion that "they lived happy forever after"—it might be interesting to lift that curtain.
With the knowledge of the characters of the young couple given by the author, it would not be difficult in many cases to carry on the narrative and make a pretty shrewd guess as to what their lives would be if prolonged beyond the wedding day. Not necessarily unhappy— far from it. The action of one temperament upon the other is likely to develop strength and give value to character, which often deepens affection and inspires a better-founded admiration.
In lighter vein and more in the nature of a game "for fun," the familiar jingles of "Mother Goose" offer op­portunities for carrying on the story—which are briefly suggested—to various conclusions.
Each player may have a separate problem set before him, the subject of which the hostess or leader writes at the top of a sheet of paper or pad, which the player must carry out in rhyme so as to suggest a sequel.
Or, a subject may be given to the company collec-
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