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With Pen and Pencil
tively, and each one writes a different version of what might have resulted from the narrative as originally given by the famous Dame Goose.
For instance, here are two views of the future of Jack and Jill:
That accidental stumble That caused young Jack to tumble And little Jill to follow down the hill, Was really but a sample Of his subsequent example,
For she followed him through life for good or ill. And At the foot of the hill, poor Jack lay still His face looked pale and drawn and ill And never a word he spake, until There rolled down beside him his little friend Jill. Then he said in a voice in which was a thrill Of love and tenderness—"Good-bye Jill." But she answered not, nor ever will, For she, too, lay stiff and stark and still; And the little birds, each with a leaf in its bill, Covered over the bodies of poor Jack and Jill.
Unconsciously or otherwise, an author's works determine in the reader's mind his or her personality, and oftentimes very far from correctly. From this fact doubtless was conceived this following entertain­ment, the requirements for which are simple and easily arranged.
The hostess collects from various sources—adver­tisements, old magazines and periodicals—woodcuts, engravings and photographs of well-known persons in literature either in ancient or modern times. She makes a list of them, together with the work for which
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