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2o The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
they were especially noted, and afterward removes the names and numbers each one to correspond with the cards prepared for the guests. She then arranges them as a picture gallery, either by pinning them on the wall or on large screens.
In one basket are placed the cards to be distributed to the gentlemen players, in the corner of each a bow of baby ribbon in different shades, no two alike. A basket of pencils is passed to the ladies, tied with the same coloured ribbons as decorate the cards. The gentleman with the blue ribbon card finds the holder of the blue decorated pencil, etc. The matching pair become partners in the visit to the picture gallery, and in low tones discuss and decide the name and work of the author, and write it opposite the corresponding number on the card. When all have made the round of the pictures the names of the guessers are written on their respective cards and they are then collected and com­pared with the original list. The card with the greatest number of correct answers wins first prize, and so on. It is simply wonderful in this game to see how depend­ent cultivated people are upon the name underneath to determine the person. When removed, Shakespeare, Scott, Bunyan, Milton, Kipling, Mark Twain, Dickens, etc., get so mixed in each others society as to be very absurdly mistaken one for the other, so much so that they require a formal introduction to their most ardent admirers. This game may be varied and rendered still more puzzling by introducing the portraits of persons notable in different lines.
A set of cards with pencils attached is prepared, one for each member of the company, with as many
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