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With Pen and Pencil                        21
numbers on as the hostess has questions ready. These questions must be answered only by words beginning with the initials of the writer, in the order in which they stand in his or her name. The hostess reads the questions distinctly and a time-limit is given in which to answer each one.
A specimen set of questions and answers is appended, the answers being those of a gentleman whose initials were R. G. W.
What is your favourite drink? Rare Good Whiskey.
What is your favourite eatable? Rich Graham Wafers.
What is your favourite diversion? Rattling Good Waltz.
What is your pet vice? Robbing Grocery Wagons.
What is your greatest virtue? Reforming Grave Wrongs.
What do you most dread in the future? Raising Gray Whiskers.
What do you most hope for in the future? Real Gold Wings.
Slips of paper are prepared and disposed about the room so as to be conveniently read by the guests, who are provided with pads bearing numbers corresponding to the slips, with pencils attached. On the slips are written words the initial letters of which must correspond to the initials of the individual to be identified; the words must also convey a clue to the identity of the person to be guessed. For example:
A Liberator—(Abraham Lincoln).
Preached Brilliantly—(Phillips Brooks).
Rough Manager—(Richard Mansfzsld).
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