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26 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
story in which these two persons shall form the leading characters or hero and heroine. The more divided by time and space from one another in reality, while they lived, the greater credit to the ingenuity of the writer for bringing them together.
One young woman felt some dismay at having drawn as her problem—Henry the Eighth of England and "Topsy" of "Uncle Tom's Cabin." The following narrative was her attempt to follow the rules of the game:
"From the Secret Annals of the English Court, the royal Harry was again a widower and soon gave evidence of the usual symptoms of men in like circumstances. He complained of loneliness, talked less and less of the dear departed and more and more of the living, breathing beauties of his court. Finally, as it was not seemly to replace the dear decapitated within too short a time, it was agreed to send a secret messenger to the Americas —famous for beautiful women—and thence bring a new wife, the marriage to be private until after the proper interval.
'"Keep it dark' was the royal Bluebeard's last word as he bade his emissary God-speed—little thinking how significant the words would prove in their fulfilment.
"Many months elapsed and the faithful servant was unable to induce the liberty-loving daughters of the new world to risk their necks in such a matrimonial noose.
" His choice fell upon a young beauty of New Orleans, lovely as a dream, an orphan who was obliged to accept the grudging hospitality of an uncle. All possible coercion was employed to force her to accept the role of Bluebeard's fourth wife, but, her affections being elsewhere engaged, she was adamant.
"Domestic persecution, however, finally seemed to
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