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28 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
jects, and the story, become public property, might subject him to ridicule. It was decided to hush the matter up and send the whole party back to America.
"'Mammy' returned Topsy to her rightful owner and then joined the happy bride and groom on their honey­moon."
Another player, who drew "Xantippe" and "Rip Van Winkle," solved the difficulty by representing Rip's wife as the re-incarnation of the virago that proved the curse of poor Socrates' domestic life.
To play this game, each person has a sheet of paper upon which, near the top, he writes the title of some well-known book—poem, story, novel, scientific treatise, etc. The sheet is then folded so as to conceal what has been written and is passed to his left-hand neighbour, with the request to write the name of an author. Again the paper is folded and passed to the left for an adverse criticism to be written upon the book and author, in the manner of newspaper reviews; and following this is a criticism in its praise. Each paper is then signed by a pseudonym, and all of them are read aloud.
It may be pursued further by adding what different classes of persons say of the book. When the papers are read the incongruous connection between author, book and public is likely to be amusing.
A typical paper is the following:
Author, Shakespeare; book, "She." Criticism: "It is with reluctance that we admit even to ourselves that this author, like many of the craft, does not know his limitations. He is a man of one book, and it is matter for regret that he should not have been content with his first success." The next "opinion of the press" is
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