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With Pen and Pencil                        31
When all the lists of words beginning with the first letter of the main word have been read, each player adds up his failures, recording their number on the back of his paper, and marking his honours as well. These last are the words which he alone thought of.
The next letter in the foundation word is then taken up, and so on until each has formed the initial letter of a new list of words. When all the letters of the head­word have been used in this way, and all its resources and possibilities exhausted, the honours and failures are read aloud and the victor stands confessed.
Where there is a tie, the one whose words contain the most syllables wins the game.
From the word "incomprehensibility" — one of the longest words in the language—one hundred and eighty words were made by recombining the letters it contains.
Copies of the following tale are given to the players, who try to fill in the blanks with letters of well-known books:
A girl whose name was-----------------------(the title
of a poem by Whittier) is the heroine of our story.
She was born in------------------------------(by Oliver
Goldsmith), and was as good and beautiful as (Spencer's)
----------- -----------. For the purpose of educating
their daughter, her parents left their native town for a large city, where they rented--------------------------------
----------- (by Hawthorne). Here they hoped their
daughter would eventually become--------------------(by
Sir Walter Scott) of some worthy man, and would be
able to furnish them with plenty of------------------------
(by Charles Reade). However, -------- (by Rider
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