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With Pen and Pencii
Answers to a Literary Love Tale
i.    Maud Muller.
2.    A Deserted Village.
3.    Fairie Queen.
4.    The House of Seven Gables.
5.    The Betrothed.
6.    Very Hard Cash.
7.    She.
8.    Hard Times.
9.    Great Expectations.
10.    Jess.
11.    Sketch Book.
12.    Our Mutual Friend.
13.    The Spy.
14.    Put Yourself in His Place.
15.    The Rose and the Ring.
16.    The Little Minister.
17.    Ships that Pass in the Night.
18.    Westward Ho!
19.    Old Curiosity Shop.
20.    Dawn.
21.    Hamlet.
22.    In Varying Moods.
23.    Come into the Garden, Maud.
24.    Fell in Love With His Wife.
To play this simple little game so as to lend it the most interest and importance, give to each player a tally-card with pencil attached by a ribbon, and at the end of another ribbon a penny with a hole in it. Write at the top of the card the words, "A Penny for Your Thoughts " and below it the following questions, leaving space
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