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36 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
known authors, using only words beginning with the letters composing their names, and in the order of suc­cession in which they stand therein. The writers may choose their own subjects or may dictate the choice to one another. They are signed with pseudonyms and given to the hostess or leader, who reads them aloud. The identity of the author whose effort is pronounced ■;he best is alone divulged.
For example, the following attempts:
William Shakespeare
Whose immortal lines live in all memories. Sovereign honour, above Singly estate. Shakespeare's poetry exhausts all rivalry everywhere.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
His extreme native refinement, yet willing adapta­bility, delighted Society wonderfully. Our retiring talented hermit loved only narration—gathering faith-fully each local legend obviously well.
Robert Burns
-Rollicking, overfull oard, ever ready to brighten un­demonstrative ruminating native Scotsmen.
The names of the persons present may be chosen instead of those of authors, which usually adds interest and fun to the game.
A copy of the following poem (?) is given to each player, with blanks for the introduction of the title of a modern novel:
The charming heroine, my friends,
Was known as-----("Alice of Old Vincennes").
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