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With Pen and Pencil                        37
She lived when Indians were a power,
And not------ ("When Knighthood was in Flower").
And in those past times, quaint and olden,
She fell in love with------("Eben Holden").
Then, while her friends began to marvel,
A rival came, named----- ("Richard Carvel").
Each rival his keen sword did draw,
And heeded not------("The Reign of Law").
They slew each other, alas! and then
She married a man named----- ("Crittenden").
The merry bells rang loud in the steeple
And loudly cheered-----("The Voice of the People").
The two rode away on a double bike
And lived in-----("Stringtown on the Pike").
They did not gossip with each neighbour,
But each one did-----("The Portion of Labour").
A young woman who was fond of introducing some little feature in her entertainments to "differentiate them" from those of every one else, invited a dozen friends to meet at luncheon. On the reverse side of the place-cards were written a dozen sentences, each one descriptive of the name of one of the guests present. These were to be guessed viva voce:
"The voice of a trumpet" was Blair.
"The progeny of Thomas"—Thomson.
"A native of Caledonia"—Scott.
"The one who gives us our flour"—Miller.
"The oldest family in the world."—Adams.
"The head of a monastery"—Abbott.
"Happiness "—Bliss.
"A conductor and a motorman"—Carmen.
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