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With Pen and Pencil                          39
bling a human being will be the result. The combina≠tion of a V set upside down on an S suggests a hat.
A prize should be given to the one whose attempt to delineate types by type is voted the cleverest.
An author's name answers each question, which may be put to the company viva voce. Or cards may be prepared with the questions written thereonóleaving space between for the players to insert the answers. A time-limit should be set in the latter case.
1.    A poet that takes precedence.
2.    What all should have done in church.
3.    A flowering tree.
4.    A Scotch church and its colour.
5.    An amateur of delicate fabrics.
6.    The guardian of treasures.
7.    One of the ills that flesh is heir to.
8.    Two marks.
9.    An inferior officer.
10.    What best becomes a face?
11.    One who foretells danger.
12.    Convenient for mountain-climbing.
13.    To wonder at.
1.    Prior (Matthew).
2.    Praed (W. M.).
3.    Hawthorne (Nathaniel).
4.    Kirk White.
5.    Lovelace (Richard).
6.    Key (Francis Scott).
7.    Paine (Thomas).
8.    Mark Twain.
9.    Sargent (Epes).
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