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4o The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
10.    Smiles (Samuel).
11.    Warner (Charles Dudley).
12.    Muhlbach (Louisa).
13.    Marvel (Ik).
Each person of the company is furnished with a pad and pencil and all are in turn requested to suggest letters of the alphabet to the number of ten—which are duly written at the top of each sheet of paper, in the order in which they were given. The players are then invited to puzzle their wits to compose a telegram of ten words, each of which must begin with the letters in sequence that have been suggested.
Ten minutes is the time-limit, which, of course, may be prolonged to suit convenience.
Examples—The letters given are T, E, L, E, G, R, A, P, H, S.
'Thoroughly enjoying life. Everywhere good roads. Automobile perfectly howling success."
"Theresa engaged Lord E-----. Great rejoicings.
Anticipating place high society."
The company agrees upon as many nouns as there are players—each in turn contributing one. Each person writes these words at the top of his sheet of paper; and the game consists in writing a short story, introducing the nouns in the order in which they have been given.
At the end of the time agreed upon, they are read aloud by the leader or hostess, while the others try to guess the authorship. For instance, the nouns pro­posed are, boy, favourites, horse, wood, girl, dragon, fire, flags, cigarette, photograph, prize, ring.
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