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With Pen and Pencil                        41
Another player, with the same nouns, will doubtless make an entirely different story.
"I took a boy to the circus the other day. Among favourites one horse was easily first; many seemed made of wood. The one we favoured was ridden by a dashing girl, who looked as if she could manage a dragon as easily as the horse. Her eyes were full of fire. She reminded me of Ouida's heroine in "Under Two Flags71 Cigarette. I snatched a photograph of her with my kodak as she dashed past. Of course the horse won the prize—or whatever the blue ribbon is called—for he was by all odds the best in the ring."
Another player writes:
4'Ah, how the tales of chivalry stirred me as a boy ! One of my favourites was that of a horse passing through a gloomy wood, ridden by a young and beautiful girl. Suddenly a great and fierce dragon rushes from his lair, belching fire and smoke—in puffs—as a man smokes a cigarette. The courage of the maiden falters and flags when suddenly a noble knight appears who with a blow of his trusty sword soon lays the beast low. Ah, what a theme for a painter! or rather for a snap-shot photo­graph, had such been known in those picturesque days. Of course the maiden was the prize of the knight's prowess, and a wedding-nwg closed the story, like those of modern days."
Each person of the company writes a number upon a slip of paper, and all of these are then folded and thrown into some receptacle. They are then shaken together and passed around. Each player must with­draw one of the papers and, upon reading it, promptly
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