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42 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
tell why the number is famous, or in what connection it is often quoted. For example:
No. 9. There were nine muses.
No. 7. There were seven wonders of the world.
No. 1. The most important of beings—self.
No. 2. The ideal number for happiness—"Two are company " or companionship.
Those who are unable to think of anything pass on their papers to their neighbours, and those who respond keep the papers as counters. The one who has the most counters at the end of the game is naturally the winner.
For clever persons, the game may be made more difficult by confining the answers to old proverbs, adages, facts, or quotations.
If No. 10 is drawn—"Ten cents make one dime."
If No. 1—"One, two, buckle my shoe."
If No. 2 is drawn—"Two wrongs never make a right," or "Two heads are better than one."
Whoever fails to respond within one minute must give a forfeit, to be redeemed later for the entertainment of the company.
A journey in the United States. The blanks to be filled in by the nicknames of the various States.
The traveller started out for a walk. Having seen the new South, he concluded to pay a visit to the op­posite direction, the--------------------, although he had
heard that the course of ----------- was in another
Taking his-----------cane, he went to bid his daughter
------- -------- good-bye. She was in the kitchen,
grating a-----------, which she mistook for a-----------.
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