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With Pen and Pencil                          43
She gave him a luncheon of the wing of a------------------,
served in a---------iron dish.
He left his home and hurried over the bridge, on the of which he paused to call his
servant, who was trying to-----------a-----------farmer,
sailing on the--------. Then directing his course by a
-----------------, which was just setting above the tops
of a lofty-----------------, he set out for the-----------------
and was soon lost to sight.
''Old North"—North Carolina. "Empire" State—New York. "Palmetto" State—South Carolina. "Little Rhody"—Rhode Island. "Buckeye" State—Ohio. " Nutmeg'' State—Connecticut. "Blue Hen"—Delaware. "Granite" State—New Hampshire. "Keystone" State—Pennsylvania. "Creole" State—Louisiana. "Sucker" State (Succor)—Illinois. '' Hoosier'' State—Indiana. "Bay" State—Massachusetts. "Lone Star" State—Texas. "Pine Tree" State—Maine. "Old Dominion"—Virginia.
Every one is provided with pencil and pad, or a generous supply of paper. A timekeeper is appointed. The office is usually much sought for at first, as an escape from the responsibilities of authorship. Each person is then requested to write an original poem
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