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44 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
within fifteen minutes. No talent is necessary, only the courage to plunge.
A subject may be given, upon which all concentrate their efforts, or each may follow the flight of his or her separate fancy. Almost every one can write a jingle, or at least a few doggerel lines, and the gratification of some hitherto unsuspected poet at his own success is amusing. It seems difficult at the outset only.
One young woman in desperation wrote the following: "You ask me for something original, But I cannot think of a thing; There's nothing original in me Except original sin!"
Encouraged by success, some one proposed taking a half-hour limit and writing the poems (?) in French. Whereupon that versatile maiden made a free transla­tion of her former attempt:
"Helas, pensez vous me demander des vers? A moi, qui n'en fit de ma vie— A moi, dont l'unique gŁnie Est de mettre toujours le bons sens a Ten vers ! "
After being collected in a basket, the hostess reads aloud the effusions—the authors are anonymous. Votes are taken and the most successful poet is crowned with laurel.
This game is played in the same manner as the fore­going one, except that the poem or couplet must be composed of lines each from a different author. Or, it may be played so that each person in succession contributes a line, which rhymes with the preceding one, while preserving the metre of the first line.
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