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With Pen and Pencil
As an example of the first mode:
"Be to her faults a little blind" (Prior), "All think their little set mankind" (Hannah More).
In the second manner, one knows only the metre and the last word of the line written by the player before him, which is told him for the rhyme and rhythm. The result following will justify the name of the game in all probability, as, for example, as was once written*
"A frog he would a-wooing go" (Mother Goose).
"To tyrants ever sworn the foe" (John Quincy Adams).
"Man wants but little here below" (Goldsmith).
" Praise God from whom all blessings flow " (Doxology by Thos. Ken).
This game is popular among the book-lovers, and offers a test of memory to the readers of the company. Cards or slips of paper, with pencils, are distributed among the players, upon each of which is a list of characters chosen from well-known books. A space is left below each name wherein the players are to write the titles of the books from which the characters have been selected.
The time should be limited, and, at its expiration, each player signs his name and passes his paper to the person at his left.
The hostess or leader then reads the list aloud, as­signing the characters to their correct place in literature. At the mention of each, a line is drawn through the incorrect ones, and those rightly assigned are counted and their number written at the top of the page. The
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