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46 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
papers are then collected, and the lady and gentleman having the highest marks have that honour proclaimed, and, if the hostess choose, a book may be presented to each as a prize. Among those who are well acquainted "booby prizes" add to the fun without embarrassment to their recipients. A primer to the lady and a huge fool's cap to the gentleman might be selected for the purpose.
The number of characters may vary, of course, but three dozen, with a time-limit of half an hour for writing them, will be found to present the game agreeably. Examples:
Meg Merrilies                      Iago
Micawber                             Pecksniff
Gentleman Waif                 Effie Deans
Amy Robsart                      Kim
Quilp                                    M. Madeline
Jessica                                  Front de Boeuf
Messala                                Nydia
Tom Pinch                          Becky Sharp
Caliban                                 Aunt Chloe
Priscilla                                Herbert de Brugh
Sairy Gamp                        Dinah Morris
Babbie                                  Dr. Willum McClure
Nothing but a knowledge of history common to all educated persons, and no knowledge of art whatever, is requisite. Each person makes a sketch illustrating some historical event, the more absurd the better, the lack of artistic ability but contributing to the merri­ment: Pocahontas saving Captain John Smith, Ex­celsior, King Alfred in the shepherd's hut, etc. The papers are passed around to the left and each writes
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