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With Pen and Pencil
his or her guess as to the subject of the picture, be­ginning at the bottom of the sheet, folding the paper so as to conceal what is written. The sketches are returned to the artists, who first read the guesses and finally explain what they have tried to delineate.
Ten minutes are given to the company for reflection, during which each person must think of some predica­ment—either dangerous, embarrassing, or ridiculous.
At the expiration of that interval, "Time !" is called, and each one writes down the result of his cogitation— pads and pencils previously provided—and throws his or her contribution into a basket or other receptacle.
When all have been collected, the basket is passed around and each player draws a paper, relating some predicament for which he must find a remedy, writing the suggestion on another paper, which he retains. Having done this, he passes the story of the predicament to his left-hand neighbour, at the same time receiving from the person on his right the paper which he or she has withdrawn from the basket. This, too, must be considered, and some solution offered of the difficulty set forth in the second paper, and so on until all the predicaments have been read and passed upon by all the players. Each one should be numbered.
The hostess or leader then reads aloud "Predicament No. i," and each player in turn reads the remedy which he has written, whereupon all note the answer which in his or her opinion is the best. All in succession are then read and silently voted upon. The one who has received the greatest number of votes gets the prize.
For example, a woman offered this problem:
"I was going out of my house, and in shutting the
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