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48 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
front door caught my dress in it. The storm-door was closed and beyond my reach, so I could not ask a passer­by to ring the bell for me, nor could I come near it to ring it myself. What was I to do ?"
After various suggestions of banging on the door with the fist, calling aloud, cutting off the piece of the gown, etc., it was suggested to undo the skirt of the dress, slip it off, watch the opportunity unobserved to ring the bell, and stand screened by the storm-door until admitted.
A man wrote:
"I was going out to dine, and had but just time in which to dress. I lost my only collar-button down my back and spent ten minutes in searching for it. I was most anxious to impress my host with my businesslike punctuality. Much depended upon it. What was I to do?"
He was advised to dress in the cab and arrive promptly.
Every one is supplied with pencil and paper, and writes at the order of the hostess or leader:
i. Each gentleman writes a lady's name; each lady that of a gentleman.
2.  The name of a place.
3.  A date in the past.
4.  Yes or no.
5.  Again each lady writes a gentleman's name, and the gentlemen each that of a lady.
6.  Yes or no.
7.  The name of a virtue.
8.  Of a fault.
9.  Yes or no.
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