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With Pen and Pencil
10. Each gentleman writes a gentleman's name; each lady, a lady's name.
11. A number.
12. A life-motto.
At the conclusion of the leader's directions, each player reads aloud in turn what he or she has written, in reply to the questions which are asked in the following order:
i. From whom (or to whom) did you receive (or make) your first offer ?
2.  Where did it happen?
3.  When did it take place ?
4.  Did you love him (or her) ?
5.  Whom will you marry ?
6.  Will you love each other?
7.  What is your most conspicuous virtue ?
8.  What is his (or her) worst fault ?
9.  Will you be happy?
10.  Will you have a rival; if so, who will he (or she) be?
11.  How many children will you have ?
12.  By what principle will you guide your life?
The questions may, of course, be varied, or added to, according to the leader's pleasure.
This artistic problem need frighten no one who may lack confidence in his power to give expression to his thought with his pencil—for this disqualification will but add to the fun of the contest.
The players being provided with pad and pencil, each draws a short irregular line upon the paper and then passes it to his neighbour. The person who receives it must address himself to the problem of drawing a
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