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50 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
picture—figure, bird, beast, or what he pleases—in­corporating the "wriggle." He may turn the paper in any direction he pleases in order to facilitate his success, and, before submitting it to the criticism of the company, should make the "wriggle" part of the drawing heavier in outline to distinguish it from the rest.
When all the drawings are completed, they are intrusted to the leader, who exhibits them in turn, inviting the freest criticism. The name of the artist (?) of the cleverest or most ridiculous of them is revealed, and he should with becoming modesty accept the plaudits of the crowd.
It may be remembered that Tommy Traddles was the little boy who used to divert David Copperfield from his sad thoughts by drawing skeletons all over his slate.
It will be found that Tommy's talent is a widely dif­fused one and that an amusing game may be played as follows:
Let each contestant have a sheet of paper, and scatter upon it five grains of rice. They may be pushed together within the radius of a two- or three-inch circle, but not otherwise directed in position. A mark is made in pencil or a pin-hole pricked where each grain has fallen. The rice is then removed, and the game consists in each person's drawing a figure indicated among the players.
Each person then has the same problem.
The one who makes the most successful drawing, keep­ing strictly within the limits marked by the dots, receives a mark of honour, and the one who has the most marks at the close of the game is entitled to the honours of vie-
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