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54 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
the man who has the most correct showing on his little book.
The following questions may be answered by the names of books, which at present are familiar to all.
i.  Who was the Colonial bride ?
2.  Who was the Colonial bridegroom?
3.  Where they did meet?
4.  What did he tell her ?
5.  What was her face then ?
6.  With what feelings did they look forward to their
wedding-day ?
7.  What date was set for the wedding?
8.  Who performed the marriage ceremony ?
9.  Who assisted him in the ceremony ?
10.  What did every one give the bride, on her appear
11.  What vow did they take ?
12.  Who furnished the flowers?
13.  Where did they go on their wedding journey?
14.  What house was their first home ?
15.  What came to them a year later ?
16.  What did their married life prove to be ?
1.  "Janice Meredith"—Paul Leicester Ford.
2.  "Richard Carvel"—Winston Churchill.
3.  "Castle Craneycrow"—Geo. Barr McCutcheon.
4.  "Twice Told Tales "—Hawthorne.
5.  "A Study in Scarlet"—Conan Doyle.
6.  "Great Expectations"—Dickens.
7.  " Middlemarch "—George Eliot.
8.  "The Vicar of Wakefield "—Goldsmith.
9.  "The Little Minister"—Barrie.
10.  "The Right of Way"—Gilbert Parker.
11.  "To Have and to Hold"—Mary Joh. ston.
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