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With Pen and Pencil                          55
12.  "Elizabeth and Her German Garden"—Anon.
13.  V Far from the Madding Crowd "—Hardy.
14.  "The House of the Seven Gables"—Hawthorne
15.  "Heavenly Twins"—Sarah Grand.
16.  "Bitter Sweet "—Holland.
On the same principle as in the foregoing game, the following questions may be propounded and the an­swers given in by the names of cities of the United States:
1.  A young man and maiden planned a pleasant after­noon together. How and where did they go ?
2.  What caused her to fall from her wheel?
3.  What did they give her to restore consciousness?
4.  What surgical operation had to be performed ?
5.  Blaming the town for the accident, what did her father do ?
6.  What kind of a lawyer argued the case ?
7.  How did it end for all concerned?
8.  To whom were they grateful?
1. Wheeling; 2. Rutland; 3. Newport; 4. Lansing; 5. Sioux City; 6. Superior; 7. Concord; 8. Providence.
There are two ways in which this game is played. In one, somebody reads aloud a selection from an author who is conceded to write pure and good English, leaving out all the adjectives—Irving's "Bracebridge Hall" would be a good choice, since his pleasure in and appreciation of the people and things which he therein describes inspired many adjectives.
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