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56 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
The reader pauses whenever an adjective is met with, and all the players silently write down the one which they think would be appropriately used in the connection suggested.
After a page or two has been read, or at the conclusion of the article or chapter, the selection is read again with all the adjectives supplied as the author has given them. Each person then notes, upon his or her paper, those which correspond to the choice made by the author. The one who has the greatest number wins the contest— and all may be the wiser for a lesson in their parts of speech.
The second way of playing the game aims merely at amusement. Some one, who possibly wields the "pen of a ready writer" or, better, has the faculty for making fun, writes a story, leaving out all adjectives, though so constructing the tale as to require the use of an enormous number of them, which are represented, however, by blanks on his or her pages. Each person of the company is then requested to furnish adjectives, which are written in the narrative in the order in which they are given, regardless of the sense, the more inappropriate or absurd the more the success of arousing amusement is assured. If the persons present may be made the subjects of the story and jokes of a personal nature introduced the merriment is increased. Such adjectives as top­lofty, outlandish, idiotic, tricky, lean, oppressive, illiter­ate, barbarous, entrancing, will be found valuable in description of persons to arouse animation if not interest.
The account of the habits of some bird or beast is often amusing with adjectives inappropriately applied or without regard to sense. The following was the result of one such haphazard arrangement:
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