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58 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
The person who first discovers what the proverb is wins the game and is entitled to choose the next proverb.
The players draw at haphazard, from hat or basket, slips of paper upon which are written the names of well-known books—preferably famous works of fiction. After all have supplied themselves, five or ten minutes ere given them in which to recall and ponder all that they have known of the book that has fallen to their respective lots.
The hostess then touches a bell to notify them that the time is up, and each in turn is requested to mention his book, tell the author's name—supplying the real one when a pseudonym is used—give a short synopsis of the story, name the hero and heroine, the chief idea or characteristic of the book, and any quotation from it that can be recalled.
A secret vote is taken, when all have spoken, as to which narrator has given the best idea of the book he or she has endeavoured to describe, the names being written upon bits of paper and collected by the hostess.
The one who has received the most votes is proclaimed the winner and awarded the prize of a book, photograph of a noted author, paper-cutter, book-mark, or some trifle of literary suggestion—if the hostess please. A second prize may be given—or merely "honourable mention"—to the one who ranks next after the victor.
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