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6o The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
cal disturbances of our climate contrasted with that of Egypt "when Osirtasu I. built his temple at Karnak, over which always arched a cloudless sky," etc.
The person who furnishes the best clue to the dis­covery must take the place of questioner.
This game has the advantage of requiring no prepara­tion, but may depend for accessories upon such properties as may be picked up in almost any houshold, as the need may arise.
Two rooms opening into each other with portieres or folding doors between lend themselves best for the purpose, the audience being seated in one, while the actors take possession of the other. Two persons, in turn, recruited from the audience, fill the role of actors. After consultation, the title of some book is decided upon, which they endeavour to suggest in pantomime, to be guessed by the audience—who may call aloud what they suppose the representation to be, or note their guesses upon cards. The writers, in the latter case, sign their names at the foot of the cards, and these at the close of the performance are received by the hostess or some one appointed to collect them, and a prize is awarded to the one whose card contains the most correct answers. Or the names of those who have been most successful in guessing may be proclaimed.
By way of suggestion for the pantomimes: The portieres are withdrawn, revealing a step-ladder, up which a young man ascends, carrying a horse-shoe, which he fastens over a doorway—or drapes a flag over a picture—while a girl holds the ladder, hands him the hammer or whatever is required, and the portieres are then drawn.
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