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62 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
being drawn by a string from one side to the other of the room, threatens her.
The hostess may announce this guessing contest to be a sort of ''fortune-teller," which should give each man a clue to the name that his future wife should bear. The "eternal fitness of things" had determined the matter. It was for them to discover it. The first name should be told, to make the subject clear— which was that a chemist's wife should be named "Ann Eliza" (Analyzer):
A civil engineer's?—Bridget.
A gambler's ?—Bettie.
A humourist's?—Sally.
A clergyman's?—Marie.
A shoe-maker's ?—Peggy.
A sexton's?—Belle.
A porter's ?—Carrie.
A dancing master's ?—Grace.
A milliner's ?—Hattie.
A gardener's?—Flora.
A judge's?—Justine.
A pugilist's?—Mamie.
A pianist's ?—Octavia.
A life-saver's ?—Car-o-line.
An upholsterer's ?—Sophie.
An astronomer's ?—Stella.
A doctor's?—Patience.
A bass-singer's ?—Aurora.
A fisherman's?—Nettie.
A gas-man's?—Meta.
A marksman's ?—Amy.
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