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Impromptu Games                            63
A guessing contest recently contributed much to the success of a reunion of lads and lasses. Profiting by a lull in the conversation, the young hostess announced that a love-story of the Civil War would be related in musical numbers, and to the one who should best interpret them a prize should be awarded. All were provided with cards and pencils, and a young woman seated herself at the piano. The hostess then asked, "What was the heroine called?" Whereupon the familiar notes of "Sweet Marie" were heard from the piano, and it began to be understood that the names of popular airs—given with much spirit by the pianist— would furnish the answers to the questions propounded, to be recorded upon the cards. The story progressed thus:
What was the hero's name?—"Robin Adair."
Where was he born?—"Dixie."
Where was she born?—"On the Suwanee River."
Where did they meet?—"Comin' thro* the Rye."
At what time of day was it ?—'' Just as the sun went down."
When did he propose?—"After the ball was over."
What did he say?—"Only one girl in this world for me.
What did she say?—"I'll leave my happy home for you."
What did he then bid her?—"A soldier's farewell."
What did the band play?—"The girl I left behind me."
Where did he go?—"Georgia."
Where did he spend that night?—"Tenting on the old camp ground."
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