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64 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
What did the band play when he came home?
"When Johnny comes marching home." Where were they married?"Old Kentucky Home." Who were the bridesmaids?"Two little girls in
Who furnished the music?"Whistling Rufus." Who furnished the wedding feast ?" Rory O'Grady." Where did they make their home?"On the banks of
the Wabash."
What was their motto?"Home, Sweet Home."
Where did they always remain?"America."
The music was a new feature, and the fact that the
airs were so well known but made it the more enjoyable.
The advantage of the winner being so slight, the pleasure
of success was the more general.
The game consists in putting a word, previously agreed upon by the company, into a narrative so cleverly that the person who is required to guess it shall be unable to distinguish it. The word chosen must be one that has several meanings, and the players in turn each adopt a separate signification or manner of its use. Each person tells a story, recites a verse of some poem, or relates an adventure, bringing in the chosen word, being careful not to mark it by additional emphasis. Self-conscious persons are apt to hesitate at its pronunciation, or slur it with such evident haste that the secret is betrayed.
The one who inadvertently furnishes the clue must then take the place of questioner. Words of two letters are ruled out of the choice.
For example, the word "out," while remaining unchanged, is used in several different senses:
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