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Impromptu Games                          67
arouse interest or even pique curiosity. These may be written upon slips of paper with the answers below, and supplied to the questioners.
Persons not well acquainted would hesitate, perhaps, to betray ignorance, but in families or among near kins­men or friends it is one of the pleasantest ways of acquir­ing information. On national holidays the questions might be confined to the history of the country.
This game may be adapted to persons of all ages, after they have graduated from the primer.
From a box of anagram cardboard letters each player in turn draws one, naming it aloud. The first calls upon the company to mention some famous man whose name begins with that letter. To the one who can first recall such a man, the letter is given. Number two, showing his letter, may call for the name of a city the initial let­ter of which is like the one he holds. A third may call for something to eat, beginning with the letter drawn. Famous Artists, Authors, Musicians, Philosophers, Mountains, Rivers, Battles, Things to Wear, Qualities of Mind, Virtues, Military Leaders, Flowers, Fruits, Animals, Fish, Trees, Precious or Semi-precious Stones (of which there is one for every letter of the alphabet), Patriots, Kings, Popes, Famous Women, may all be called for.
The game may also be played progressively.
Among intimate friends, the following form of proph­esy may occasion much sport:
Each person, in confidence to the hostess, makes a prediction about some person present as to what he or
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