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68 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
she will do during the course of the evening—all of which that lady commits to writing, to be produced just before the time of leave-taking for refutation or con­firmation.
The ones whose predictions are verified receive a prize or honour of some trifling kind.
The prophesies must not be of things that would natur­ally happen—nor must personalities risk offending any­one, but much harmless merriment may be had where little peculiarities not generally observed are thus sug­gested or some teasing allusion introduced.
That "men are but children of a larger growth" may be verified by playing "Person and Thing."
Two of the company leave the room and concert together to mystify the rest—the one by personating some well-known character, while the other assumes to be something usually associated with the personage selected—Balaam and his ass, Pyramus and the kiss through the wall, Caesar and his famous message of "Veni, vidi, vici," for instance.
The fun principally consists in dodging the issue by misleading answers to the questions. It rather con­centrates upon the person taking the part of the " ass," the "kiss," or Caesar's famous "telegram," as a child once called the message.
Upon one occasion "Adam and the sweat of his brow" was the selection made to puzzle the company. The one who represented the "thing" assumed then that it was beneficent, a friend to all the races of men, though this particular one was the first the world had seen— above all was it the poor man's friend, though little appre­ciated. Spherical in shape, clear and transparent, it was
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