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Impromptu Games
considered beautiful when seen elsewhere and in differ­ent association, but no like compliment had ever been paid to it. The solution of the mystery was not much helped when it was added that it "could not walk, but could run! "
This is a good game for twilight times, summer even­ings on the piazza, or when the room is lighted only by the glow of the fire around which the company is gathered.
Each person is asked to relate the story of some book, familiar to the reading public, or, better, one well-known to fame.
The audience listens carefully, makes no comments, and at the close of the narrative each person in suc­cession offers his or her opinion as to the plot of what book has been described.
Every one who is willing makes the contribution of a story, and the person who guesses the designation of the greatest number of these narratives wins the game or prize.
For instance, one says, "Mine is the story of a man unconsciously good—one of the inconspicuous heroes, so noble as never to suspect his own nobility—living habitually in the atmosphere of 'that loftiest peak, humility.' His was a dependent position in the house­hold of a man whose name is synonymous with hypocrite, but whom he idealised, until he was at length forced to see him as he was. He loved the sweetheart of the ostensible hero of the book, but expressed it only by serv­ing them both. Money plays a conspicuous part in the book—schemed for, sinned for. It warps many natures, but the greed for it leads to the unveiling of the hypo­crite by a clever plot—and our simple-minded, big-
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