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72 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
own ears are boxed, and a real bodkin from a work-basket is produced at the suggestion of making his "quietus." This is merely a suggestion, but the fun is usually very spontaneous.
This name has been given to an entertainment to which every person invited must come prepared to tell a story, sing a song, propose some game, or make other contribution to the pleasure of the company. The time consumed in the burning of a single small fagot is the allotment of each entertainer in return. The efforts to prolong the story—holding the denouement at bay or hastening it to its close as the fagot burns for a longer or a shorter time—tax one's ingenuity, to the amusement of the friendly critics.
This game has the advantage of requiring no prepa­ration, and can be played by any number of persons, in almost any surroundings—in the dark on a summer's evening on the veranda, or by a little company in a lighted room; at a picnic with the grass for a seat, or by the fireside. There is no rule of the game which forbids studying up for it; indeed, if the players be forewarned such preparation adds much to the interest, particularly perhaps to those who contribute their bits of information. This should be done in a sketchy manner, briefly touch­ing on the most salient points of autobiography, so as to leave a picture in the mind to be pigeon-holed in the memory. A character is described by each player in turn, suppressing the name, which is guessed by the company only at the conclusion of the narrative. The one who guesses it first has a mark to his cr her credit,
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