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74 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
If both are present, the ladies and gentlemen should be seated alternately. One then begins by saying, "I should like to be such and such an object or animal— what do you think is the reason for my choice ?" looking for an answer at haphazard from any gentleman present, who must at once give some complimentary explanation why the resemblance would be appropriate. The one who has answered then, in his turn, says what he should like to be—and calls upon a lady, who must find some flattering reason for the similitude. The more unpleasant or disagreeable the object or animal, the more difficult will it be to find a compliment. One lady may say, for instance, "I should like to resemble a
mosquito. "Why, Mr. ------?" and he may reply:
"Because you are musical, and when you are present it is impossible to think of anything else. Now, I should
like to be a snail. Why, Miss-----?" "Because you are
slow and sure, and of so domestic a taste that you would gladly carry your home with you wherever you are."
This is one of the games that has been preserved through many generations of merrymakers, and so must be allowed the claim to merit given to the "survival of the fittest."
One-half the company must submit to be blindfolded, the victims to be determined by lot or choice. These are seated around the room in a wide circle, leaving a vacant chair at the right hand of each one. The rest of the company assemble in the middle of the room, keeping absolutely silent while some one plays a familiar air on the piano. The unblindfolded then creep very stealthily,
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