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Impromptu Games                             75
seat themselves in the vacant chairs, and instantly begin to sing, disguising the voice as much as possible to con­ceal their identity. The more absurd the musical (?) result, the better. The blindfolded persons must listen intently to try to discover who their tuneful neighbours are. The piano accompaniment suddenly stops, where­upon all are silent and the leader gives the order, "Blind folk will please name their right-hand neighbours!" If unable to do so, they must not remove the bandage, though people usually do so, impulsively, in their triumphant confidence in having guessed rightly—but are obliged to try again.
The successful guessers then transfer their bandages to their right-hand neighbours whose failure to mislead concerning their identity subjects them to this penalty.
The answers may be given viva voce or in writing— when the following questions are proposed;
1.  The groom was a Frenchman. What was his name ?
2.  What was the weather on the wedding-day ?
3.  With what was the bride's gown trimmed?
4.  How was it sent to her?
5.  Who was the bride's favourite author ? The groom was a Government official. Where was he employed?
6.  What did his future mother-in-law give him? In what did his small brother-in-law indulge?
7.  Who was the groom's favourite essayist?
8.  In what manner did the bride dress her hair ?
9.  What were her wedding-gifts from the groom ?
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