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76 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
10. When asked to marry, what did the bride say?
11. They received congratulations from the groom's friend, who was a conspicuous figure in the Dreyfus case. What was his name?
12.  The best man was an official of the Chinese embassy. What was his name ?
13.  What did the bride do in the conservatory ?
14.  The bride was a brunette. By what nickname was she called?
15.  With what did the groom salute her?
16.  The wedding invitations met with an accident at the printer's. What did they become ?
17.  In the excitement of the wedding feast, what did the groom call his father-in-law?
18.  What did the best man have when asked to respond to a toast?
Answers soups
1.  Julien.
2.  Clear.
3.  Scallops.
4.  C. O. D.
5.  Lamb—Mint.
6.  Cold Shoulder—Capers.
7.  Bacon.
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