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Impromptu Games                            77
8.  Rolls and Puffs.
9.  Gems.
10.  Lettuce.
11.  Pate* de Clam (Paty du Clam).
12.  Chow-chow.
13.  Piccalilli.
14.  Brown Betty.
15.  Kisses.
16.  Pie.
17.  Pop.
18.  Champagne (sham pain).
This absurd game has no "excuse for being" except that it is apt to create very spontaneous laughter when the players really enter into its spirit. One feels con­strained to apologise for its introduction. It simply consists of plays upon words. One is supposed to be making introductions, giving the names of a gentleman and lady, which are but parts of words—the completion being revealed by the presentation of a third member of the family. Each person in turn introduces a group of three, or the players offer one as their wits may serve.
Mr. and Mrs. Fortune and Miss Fortune (Misfortune).
Mr. and Mrs. Land and Mary Land (Maryland).
Mr. and Mrs. Harmonic and Phil Harmonic (Phil­harmonic) .
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