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78 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
Mrs. and Mrs. Pole and May Pole.
Father and Mother Dote and Aunty Dote.
Mr. and Mrs. Cohol and Al Cohol.
Mr. and Mrs. Chovy and Anne Chovy.
Mr. and Mrs. Tionary and Dick Tionary (dictionary).
Mr. and Mrs. Terry and Miss Terry (Mystery).
Mr. and Mrs. Orr and the Orr kid (orchid).
The players are divided into two parties, one of which leaves the room, while the others decide upon a word to be guessed by those without.
Upon their return they are furnished with a clew by a word's being told them that rhymes with the word which they must guess. They then return for consulta­tion, and upon their reappearance proceed to represent in pantomime what they fancy the word to be.
Properties necessary for dressing in character may be supplied, which adds much to the fun.
For example: One of the audience tells the actors that they have thought of a word that rhymes with "tin." After a short preparation, the actors enter en masse, making as noisy a racket as they can devise. The audience promptly assure them that it is not ''din" in pity for their own ears. They then retire for confer­ence and reappear. One creeps stealthily after another and goes through the motions of picking a pocket, two seem to be quarrelling, others openly fighting, while one craftily drops upon the ground a bit of orange peel which promptly causes another to fall with great appar­ent injury. The audience finally decide that "sin" is what they are trying to describe and deny that choice. The actors withdraw and return with broad smiles upon every face, but again are assured of failure—the word
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