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8o The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
concealed, when the curtain hides the pathetic scene.
This is one of the games that old and young may play togetherówith pleasure to both.
One of the party leaves the room, and the rest select a familiar proverb, the words of which are apportioned one by one in the order of their sequence among the players.
Should there be more words in the proverb than there are persons present, certain of the company divide the extra words among themselves.
The questioner then returns and asks something of each of the players in turn, each of whom must try to introduce in the reply the special words allotted to him in such a way as to escape the notice of the questioner.
Another way to play the game is for the exiled person, upon his return, to put the questions at haphazard to whomsoever he pleasesóbeing careful not to address the same person more than once while there remain any players who have not answered.
This mode is the more lively in that it makes a more sudden demand upon one's readiness of wit; since the words can not be apportioned in advance among the players.
The company must be certain that the exact wording of the proverb be understood, each person repeating it aloud accurately before the questioner is recalled.
This is a game for quick wits, for each must speak in his turn with scant time for thought. If the move≠ment is rapid, it is amusing.
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