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82 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
A prize may be given to the one whose answers are the readiest.
A variation of the old favourite Dumbo Crambo is called "Trade Pantomimes." The players divide themselves into two parties, called "The Masters" and "The Men." After consultation the Men agree upon some trade or occupation which they are to illustrate in dumb show. The Masters must guess from their motions what trade they have chosen, and for their help are told the first and last letters of the word describing it,
For instance, the Men decide upon the word "gardener," and, giving the letters "g" and "r," they stand in line and each performs in pantomime something representing a gardener's work—planting the seed, mowing with the scythe, digging, weeding, watering, etc. Not a word is spoken, and but one guess is permitted to each of the Masters. If one guesses correctly, the Men "lose their job." If no one can discover the trade indicated, the word is told, and they proceed to act something else.
After the second failure of the Masters to guess the word, the Men "strike" and they "quit work."
The Masters assume their places and take their turn at pantomime.
If any one makes a motion that is not descriptive of the chosen trade, in order to mislead, the whole "gang" is discharged and their opponents take their places.
One of the company announces that he is about to take a trip, and whispers to his neighbour to what country he is going. He then requests advice of three
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