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Impromptu Games                            83
players whether he shall go by land or sea, in what direc­tion, and by what conveyance to go and return. Having received his answers, it is for him then to reconcile them and describe how he can reach his destination if obliged to act upon all the advice given him.
One may travel by balloon, bicycle, on sledges, camels, ox-carts, skates, by wheel-barrow, gondola, tram-car, diving-bell, automobile, naphtha launch, don­key, rail, go-cart, four-in-hand, yacht, chaise-a-porteur, omnibus, hansom-cab, "shank's mare," and to any part of the known world.
One person, for instance, may be required to go to St. Petersburg by water, and is advised to travel in a perambulator and return on stilts.
The ghostly nature of the game does not appear at once; but the company gathers in a circle and the leader explains that they are to play a game of word-making.
Some one is requested to think of a word and name aloud only its first letter. Another at his left must accept the letter and add a second to it, having also some word in mind. The next player then thinks of a word beginning with those two letters in succession, and adds a third, being careful not to give one that shall complete a word that may stand alone. The forfeit for so doing is to lose a life, of which, at the beginning of the game, each person is supposed to have three. The penalty of three such delinquencies is that one becomes a ghost, is invested with a "winding-sheet" (a sheet wound about one) and a mask cut from white paper-muslin. Thus relegated to the land of shades, they drop out of the game, except as haunting presences. Their object then is to induce some "living" one to
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