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84 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
speak to them; when, if successful, that person so entrapped loses a life. The object is not wholly mali­cious, for the phantom most successful in seducing the living is awarded a prize.
An example may make the game seem a little clearer:
The first player, thinking of the word "temple," gives the letter "t." The next thinks of "tract," and adds "r." No. 3 must now accept "tr," and, having "trap" in mind, gives out "a," No. 4 avoiding the "trap" set for him to induce the completion of the word, thinks of "transcript," and adds "s." No. 5, thinking of "transubstantiation," mentions "u." No. 6, hesitat­ing beyond the allotted time of half a minute, loses a life. No. 6 having failed, No. 7 thinks of "d," to make the word "transude"; and No. 8, with "transudation " in mind, adds an "a," and so on.
The interest of the game culminates when but two players remain, when at length one is cornered. The victory remains to the player who forces his opponent to complete a word. If it be suspected that a person giving a letter has no word in mind, he may be challenged, and if he is unable immediately to mention the word he loses a life. If, however, the challenger has been mis­taken, one of his lives is forfeited.
A volume of Poe's works would be an appropriate prize, or one of the many clever collections of ghost stories.
This game, like many others, requires one person to leave the room, while the rest agree upon some century in the world's history with the characteristics of which they are familiar.
Upon the return of the exile he is at once taxed with
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