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Impromptu Games                          87
The question may go the rounds again if the ques­tioner be unsuccessful, but the one by whom he obtains the best clue to the solution desired must take his place, and leave the room in his turn to allow a new choice to be made. The game is the more enjoyable if the rules are strictly followed. If there be a difference of opinion or if any answer be challenged, the protest should be expressed by raising the hand—the explana­tion of the objection to be reserved until later, since discussion is liable to betray too much to the questioner.
Another form of the game may be played by dividing the company into two sides. One party selects the subject, and each of the other side in turn asks a question of an opponent.
There may be consultations among the allies, who may divide the questions—which are limited to twenty— among themselves, so that no opportunity may be wasted of "cornering" an adversary. Some of the subjects that have occasioned mirth and interest have been the following:
"The hospitable spider who invited the fly."
"The pie that Jack Horner ate."
"Time's scythe and hour-glass."
"The beanstalk that Jack climbed."
The game may be played so that the thing chosen is taken from some familiar proverb, as for instance, "The thief Procrastination." "The lean will, occa­sioned by the fat kitchen," etc.
Still another way of playing it is to choose two cap­tains, who, after dividing the company into two parties, retire together from the room to confer and decide upon something to be guessed. Each captain then returns
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