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Impromptu Games                          89
rest of the players will detect the error. The one who does so must, however, correct the mistake or pay a forfeit. If he can do this he recovers a counter or bean, of which each player receives the same number at the beginning of the game.
The first player may say:
"I have been enjoying Robert Browning's beautiful poem, 'In Memoriam,' said to be the most beautiful tribute to a lost friend in the language, written at the death of the Prince Consort." Some one may announce that the poem is by Tennyson, written in memory of his friend, Arthur Hallam, who was the chum of his youth and early manhood.
A second player: "Henry VIII. divorced Catherine of Arragon on the ground of consanguinity—feeling the need of a plea, before he got into the divorce habit."
"Pardon me," objects another. "Catherine was the widow of his elder brother, Arthur, and had been his wife for twenty years when his conscience (?) began to trouble him about the marriage."
The company divides itself into two hostile camps, which take possession of different parts of the room. Two captains are chosen, a representative of each party or "clump." These two retire from the room and decide upon some person, object, event or idea which is to be guessed by the rest of the company.
Upon their return, each captain joins his adversary's party and is questioned by them in turn. Every one tries to frame the question in such a manner as to elicit a comprehensive answer.
The side which first guesses the thing chosen is, of course, victorious, and takes into its ranks the two
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