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92 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
Question 5:
"A diamond circlet, and from under this, A veil that seemed no more than gilded air Falls by each fair ear—an Eastern gauze With seeds of pearl." Question 6:
"At church in silks and satins fine." Question 7:
"Diamonds to fasten the hair, and diamonds to fasten the sleeves; Laces to drop from their rays like A powder of snow from the eaves." Question 8:
"In gloss of satin, and shimmer of pearls." Question 9:
"With her Norman cap, her kirtle of blue, and her ear-rings Brought in olden times from France." Question 10:
"In a college gown that clad her like an April daffodilly." Question 11:
"Clad all in faded silk."
It seems but fair to give an added word of explana­tion. The women whose toilets are thus exquisitely given are characters in the works of well-known poets. The solution is to give name of character and poet.
1.  Guenevere—Tennyson.
2.  Clare—Scott.
3.  Lucy—Wordsworth.
4.  Ellen—Scott.
5.  Camilla—in "Golden Slipper"—Tennyson.
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