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Impromptu Games                          93
6.  Madam Blaize—Goldsmith.
7.  The Court Lady—Mrs. Browning.
8.  Maud—Tennyson.
9.  Evangeline—Longfellow.
10.  Melissa—"The Princess"—Tennyson.
11.  Enid—Tennyson.
The players sit in a circle and count in turn "one," "two," "three" and so on until, if possible, a hundred is reached. There are ways and ways of counting, how­ever, some of them not so easy after all. The number seven must always in this particular game be replaced by "Buz," as must any of its multiples, as fourteen, twenty-one, twenty-eight, etc. Rules of the game are these:
Rule 1. "Buz" to be said for every seven or seven times that number.
Rule 2. Any one breaking this rule pays a forfeit, and is out of the game—i. e., sits silent.
Rule 3. As soon as seven or a "seven times" number has been said, the count must begin at one, by the player sitting at the left of the expelled member.
Rule 4. If any player forgets his number while the count is going on, or miscounts after a "Buz," he pays a forfeit, but is not out of the game. It will be found that "Buz" will be so often forgotten in its right place, or the number of players will so soon diminish from miscount that to reach a hundred will not be easy, as every time, after any blunder, the count goes back to one as a fresh beginning. This game proves a very jolly and amusing one.
An amplification of this game has been called "Buzz Fizz." In addition to the requirements of number 7,
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