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94 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
whenever the number 3 or any of its multiples, or any figure in which it occurs, appears, the word "quack" must be given instead. All the 30's begin with "quack." At every return of the number 5 or its multiples the word '' fizz'' is used; all the 5 o 's begin with " fizz." For 11 and its multiples the player says " Cock-a-doodle-doo !"
Thus: 1,2, quack, 4, fizz, quack, buzz, 8, quack, fizz, cock-a-doodle-doo, quack, quack, buzz, etc. 15 is quack fizz, 3 times 5 being 15.
As a player fails he retires from the game, and the rest begin with one again. The victor must have quick wits and much concentration—and deserves a prize.
One offers a quotation, and the first person who can name the author receives a counter and may then offer a quotation in his turn. The one who can show the most counters, of course, wins the game.
Or the quotations may be prepared in advance, written upon slips of paper which are drawn by the players in turn, from a hat or basket. If the author is correctly named, the slip of paper is kept as a trophy. If the per­son is unable to assign the authorship, he passes it to his neighbour. If the bits of paper are very small, they may be folded and glued with a drop of mucilage to pieces of tissue paper of various shades of green, cut out and crinkled into a semblance of lettuce leaves, or pink paper cut into rose leaves. The latter mode makes a pretty effect and is very little trouble to prepare.
This game rarely fails to please, and though not new may always be given a new form by the choice of char­acters.
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